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Category: Comedy

The Teh Halia Podcast is your weekly mamak experience without the roti canai, only the fun, silly and occasionally deep conversations.

July 20, 2016

Entrepreneurs - Risk Takers or Simply Rich?


Episode 17

Seems like everyone these days is leaving their “boring” jobs to join the Entrepreneur Club.

This week Teh Halia asks - why? What makes these guys and girls so special? And is it “okay” to be happy not wanting to risk it all on your new idea for self-toasting kaya bread?

Inspired by a Quartz article titled "Entrepreneurs don't have a special gene for risk - they come from families with money"


Love, Teh Halia

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June 1, 2016

Politalk: The Political Rise of Donald Trump


Episode 11

Donald Trump for President!! ... Or not?

This week Teh Halia deals with the American election's biggest news yet. Everyone's favourite candidate / giant oompa loompa, the Donald himself has won enough to win the Republican nomination for President of the United States of America!

That's right, the party of Abraham Lincoln has chosen an orange bewigged starfish to be their pick for the most powerful man in the world!

So this week we hold our noses and dive a little bit (avoiding the fake suntan) into the how, the why and the what the heck is going on in the land of the free right now.

Listen in, like, comment, share and enjoy!

Teh Halia