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Category: Comedy

The Teh Halia Podcast is your weekly mamak experience without the roti canai, only the fun, silly and occasionally deep conversations.

Ruminate - Azam Rais

June 6, 2017


Ruminate – Azam Rais

Ruminate was a spoken word event organised by Poet X in February 2017 where we showcased among the biggest talents of the contemporary poetry scene.

In this fifth episode of the Ruminate series, we present to you our very own Azam Rais.

Azam Rais writes and performs exclusively in rhythm and rhyme. His poetry aims at invoking deep sentiments in the listener buried under social norms and preconceptions.
He began writing at a tender age but only started performing on small stages and gigs in 2014. He has since established himself on stages of Poetry Cafe KL's slams, Numinous, Festival Belia at Putrajaya, Markas Kota Damansara and Speakcity's Poetically correct.

In late 2016, Azam Rais and his team founded Malaysia's first ever poetry podcast called Poet X aimed at scouting and promoting local talents. Since then, he has been known as a collector and curator of Malaysian poetry.
Azam Rais believes that poetry is alive and in need of nourishment.

Facebook: facebook.com/poetxpodcast
Instagram: @poetxpodcast