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Category: Comedy

The Teh Halia Podcast is your weekly mamak experience without the roti canai, only the fun, silly and occasionally deep conversations.

Ruminate - Fazleena & The Lasykar

June 2, 2017


Ruminate - Fazleena Hishamuddin

Ruminate was a spoken word event organised by Poet X in February 2017 where we showcased among the biggest talents of the contemporary poetry scene.

In this fourth episode of the Ruminate series, we present you a multi-talented artist across numerous fields. With a background in literature, Fazleena has won various awards for her work as a writer, director and actress. At Ruminate, her prowess took center stage as she dazzled the crowd as part of her band, Fazleena & The Lasykar.

Fazleena has also been called to speak at many motivational, poetry and theatre workshops across the country. Today, her work graces theatres, short films and television screens as the host or scriptwriter.

She has also organised Pondok Puisi, a poetry writing and performance workshop with fellow poet Wani Ardy. She released Seksi Ovari, her debut anthology of poems which was followed by Bibir Ceri Melati, her second book. Now, she manages Markas Kota Damansara, an alternative creative space dedicated to culture and arts.


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