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Category: Comedy

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Ruminate - Sheena Baharudin

June 20, 2017


Ruminate - Sheena Baharudin

Ruminate was a spoken word event organised by Poet X in February 2017 where we showcased among the biggest talents of the contemporary poetry scene.

Marking the end of the 'Ruminate: Live Recordings' series, we feature a true shining beacon in the scene. Her mastery in performance poetry has earned her many titles - a light bringer, a love giver and a true inspiration to many young writers.

Sheena Baharudin represents the poetry collective Poetry Cafe KL and has assumed the role of student, teacher, writer and performer in her decade long involvement in poetry.
Her first book of poetry, 'Rhymes for Mending Hearts' was published in 2013 and her latest book, 'All The Bodies We've Embraced' was recently released on May 1st.

Her poems are featured in several poetry anthologies including Rollercoasters and Bedsheets, Poems And Other Myths: A collection of Spoken Word Poetry by Women in South East Asia and Malchin Testament: Malaysian Poems. Several have also been translated into French and Spanish by the literary journals Jentayu and 2384. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Malaysian Literature, focusing on the relationship between spoken word poetry and storytelling.


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