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Category: Comedy

The Teh Halia Podcast is your weekly mamak experience without the roti canai, only the fun, silly and occasionally deep conversations.

Ruminate - Yohanna Yusrinal

May 29, 2017


Ruminate - Yohanna Yusrinal

Ruminate was a spoken word event organised by Poet X in February 2017 where we showcased among the biggest talents of the contemporary poetry scene.

In the third episode of the Ruminate series, we present you a true force of nature who lives in words and breathes words into life. A captivating performer, she oozes confidence on stage. Her level of performance poetry was on full display at Ruminate as she left jaws hanging in her wake.

Yohanna Yusrinal is an established poetry educator and spoken word artist who facilitates poetry and drama workshops in schools and universities as part of Poetry Cafe KL.

She was part of the team that represented Malaysia in the Singapore vs Malaysia Causeway Exchange Slam, winning gold in the group slam division. She is also part of the spoken word cabaret: Tongue Tied 2, that showcased at Iskarnival Naratif and Sama- Sama. She has performed countless open mics in Singapore, Johor, Sabah, Langkawi, Penang, Australia and is no stranger to local stages like Gaslight Cafe, Merdekarya and The Bee.

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Instagram: @poetxpodcast