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Category: Comedy

The Teh Halia Podcast is your weekly mamak experience without the roti canai, only the fun, silly and occasionally deep conversations.

Poet X #06 - The Powers That Be

February 18, 2017



Episode 6

The Powers That Be

As this is the finale of our first season, we felt it only right that we end with a bang. Today we tackle an issue that affects all of us, no matter where we are from and which country we live in. An issue close to home as it's about our home, and those within it who wield it's power.

We ask that you leave your pride and prejudice at the door and appreciate the following poets for what they are: raw artists who were inspired by their country to compose beautiful literary works.

In the finale of Season 1 Poet X, we showcase the ruminations of 4 poets on the political climate of modern Malaysia.

Featured this episode:
1) 'The Earnest Young' by Raaja Rao
2) 'Politics' by Wan Rizal
3) 'Power' by Azam Rais
4) 'Manglish' by Cat Brogan

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